Meet the team

Meet the Team

With specialist teams in both the UK and Dubai, we can provide a personalised service that is convenient for you. Our consultants all have extensive experience in the medical device industry, working as expert partners for clients looking to commercialise medical technologies and products in the Middle East – both in the Levant and Gulf regions.

Professor Haj-Yahia
Chairman, BSc, MD, FRCS (ad eundem England), FRCS (Glasgow)
Our vision is to bring the modern medical devices industry closer to advanced healthcare teams in the Middle East and emerging markets hassle-free, with the most cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable business strategies.
We are all challenged in the business world. We all want to be part of a team that leaves a legacy and is remembered for years for what we have accomplished. At MIAT, I am proud to be the Chairman of an excellent team that strives on reaching such success and greatness.
Our philosophy is a commitment to bringing the best of what a modern medical devices industry can deliver to the healthcare system and improving patient care – that is a durable and sustainable business.”

Professor Haj-Yahia is not just an internationally distinguished heart surgeon, he is also CEO and Dean Emeritus of An-Najah National University Hospital. He is a Professor (Honorary Chair) at the University of Bristol, in England, and a Professor (Visiting Chair) at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland.
He is the former director of transplant surgery in Glasgow and led the team who performed the first artificial heart/LVAD in Scotland. Professor Haj-Yahia has particular talent and expertise in complex heart failure surgery, heart and lung transplants, mechanical circulatory support and artificial heart surgery and is a pioneer in the application of biotechnological and medical device innovations into clinical practice.
With extensive experience in setting up advanced academic medical institutions and modern university teaching hospitals under the most challenging circumstances and environments, Professor Haj-Yahia has gained the respect and admiration of many health care and hospital leaders and doctors. He is particularly praised for his guidance and assistance in setting up advanced heart failure programmes worldwide and cross the Middle East in particular.
The visionary Professor brings to the MIAT a wealth of international connections in the healthcare system, medical devices and biotechnology industry, as well as management and leadership experience and, above all, a proven record of credibility and reliability.

Hiba Khalil

Hiba joined MIAT in March 2020 and is based in the  Middle East. She is a core member of MIAT medical technology, assessment, sales and marketing institutions and the corporate business development practice groups. 

Hiba specializes in serving the healthcare community  by offering innovative quality medical solutions and  services at competitive values to customers while ensuring its growth, profitability, continuity and satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Hiba takes the lead in introducing “change” and launching new concepts and technologies in region through partnership with caregivers who are “early adopters” and gurus in their fields. 

Her objective is to be a “trend setter” and making the  new “de-facto-standards” of the healthcare industry  this will enhance quality of healthcare services in the  region.

Before joining MIAT, she had worked with Al Faisaliah Group, BSC, Maquet Getinge and Access Medical.

Hiba holds an MS from Heriott Wat and BS Medical  Sciences/Pharmacy from Lebanese American Univer sity in Beirut. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking, horse riding and is pursuing her private Saxophone sessions. 

Lana Haj-Yahia
Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President, Lana brings to MIAT a wealth of experience in management and leadership from the private sector. Since obtaining her Bachelor degree in 2000, Lana has taken a number of executive roles as director in British companies such as in Heart Failure Consultancy at which she has been responsible for managing brand awareness, developing strategic promotional plans, and preparing marketing campaigns to attract customers. Lana played a pivotal role in improving company’s profile and revenues, improve customers services management, product deployment experience and in building teams and demonstrated exceptional project management skills and record of building high-performance teams and outstanding relationships with internal and external customers. Lana is a proven leader with in-depth industry experience and a true passion for improving patients care. Lana pride it self in particular, in strong business ethics and human rights advocate particularly in empowering women around the world and as such she has been active member of the Board of Directors of charities such as The Scottish Circle in the UK and a number of other charitable activities.

Reliability - Our Most Important Asset

In the challenging world of business, particularly in the emerging markets and the Middle East, trust and reliability are key and vital to success.

Deep knowledge of Large Regional Territories

We aspire to provide the best service to our territories and multiple countries hassle-free, reducing the cost of handling multiple agents in multiple countries.

Create Value

We seek to maximise the medical devices corporate’s values and profits while also working to meet the expectations of good value for money and a healthcare system’s financial constraints and cost-effectiveness needs.

Social Accountability and Commitment to Communities

With our strong code of ethics, we contribute to the welfare of communities and build a most trusted company. Our success would not be possible without our world-leading partners from the medical devices industry and leaders from the healthcare systems.

Commitment to Quality

We pursue the highest quality for industry products, services and operations to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, medical and social value. Our main interest is in new and emerging niche technologies and innovations from the medical devices industry with a proven record of reliability.

If you are looking for driven, knowledgeable partners in the Middle East, speak to us about your growth strategy.