Business Overview

Business Overview

Our extensive experience makes us the natural partners to help you introduce innovative medical solutions to our existing and new markets.

Armed with great relationships with Research and Development Institutes internationally, MIAT has established strategic relationship with inventors and innovators worldwide. We scout and identify breakthrough technologies that are making waves and disrupting the medical delivery status quo, then bring them into our network of customers and sub distributors.

medical devices supply in the Middle East
Technological change is the only constant in the healthcare sector and MIAT’s focus is to remain a leading enabler within this this innovative area. Solutions in cardiac, brain, imaging, oncology, diagnostics and surgery spaces have been the focus for MIAT when it comes to introducing cutting-edge advances in the healthcare sector. We are proud to be part of some of the most innovative areas of global healthcare.
Preserving a patient-first culture is the raison d’être of any healthcare facility. It is, put simply, a living value at work. Caregivers feel rewarded by giving their best to those they serve, and MIAT sits at the very heart of it all, providing the services to achieve excellence in patient care.

MIAT, through its partners, will help you achieve a patient-centred culture throughout your facility thanks to our shared core attributes:

Cooperative teamwork with multispecialty integration. A team of specialists is available and effectively used.

Highest quality patient care provided with compassion and trust.

A physician takes personal responsibility for directing patient care over time in a partnership with the local physician.

Respect for the patient and family.

At MIAT we bring together the finest in their field. Our experts are industry leaders, working together to produce the best possible results and ironing out any interruptions and stoppages.

An efficient operating facility must meet the highest health and safety standards in both the private and public sectors.

MIAT stands shoulder to shoulder with bold innovators to revolutionise the medical devices industry.  


We approach every project as a new challenge with:

Strategic Healthcare Planning

Feasibilities, Financial Engineering

Equipment Specifying, Procurement, Installation, Testing

Training And Medical Solutions

Helocopter Regional Strategical Business Plan

Avoid Mercenary Selling And Box Shifters

Avoid Mercenary Selling And Box Shifters

Local R&D and Scientific Technology Support

Ensure Timely Payments and Accelerating Market Adoption

MIAT will work with you to ensure the practice of team medicine at your facility offers maximum quality care through its three dynamics: collaboration, cooperation and coordination. Our resources knowledge base is updated regularly so that the latest technology is shared with your decision makers.

If you are looking for driven, knowledgeable partners in the Middle East, speak to us about your growth strategy.