Our Lines

Our lines

Aktormed GmbH

Aktormed GmbH is a leading specialist in developing and manufacturing of intelligent, high tech robotic assistance systems for minimally invasive surgery. The robotic camera control arms have full functionality for visceral surgery, urology, gynaecology and thorax surgery.


LIVSMED is a medical device company that brings advanced clinical care to minimally invasive surgery. This was achieved by creating a new generation of laparoscopic technology. This new group of instruments, ArtiSential™, are a blending of the words “articulation” and “essential”. LivsMed’s ArtiSential™ line provides multiple degrees of freedom at the tip of the instrument that is perfectly synchronized with the user’s wrist and hand movements. These instruments can be immediately incorporated into any existing surgical environment without additional capital or footprint like those of the robotic systems today. With ArtiSential™, the Surgeon will have 360° degrees of Dynamic movement at their fingertips.

This instrument helps surgeons to obtain the effective traction and counter traction easily through it’s intuitive movement. It does have a vertical and horizontal joint structure that is synchronised with user’s hands and provides angles off 360°. It’s multiple degrees of movement allow a wider variety of surgical procedures than that with straight-fixed laparoscopic extended right hemicolectomy using an articulating Laparoscopic instrument is safe and technically feasible.

Sleep Apnea HomeCare Solution

We are a specialized home care respiratory, Sleep Apnea diagnosis and treatment solution providers. One of our qualified sleep apnea professional team will install state-of-the-art medical equipment, our developed homeware solution service will quickly and accurately assesses the patient Sleep Apnea status. tested for sleep apnea in the comfort of their own home and effective experience for the patient. Furthermore We perform by weekly to monthly follow ups until the patient is comfortable with the equipment and his sleep apnea problem is treated. Our professional team will be available 24/7, seven days a week to give the patient the support they need and to answer any question they have. Advantages for using our sleep apnea home care solution.

  • No need to drive anywhere; the technician will come to his door step with the equipment to install.
  • Sleeping as he normally sleeps in his home , his room, his own bed.
  • High accuracy in result as no new changes are going to affect the patient.
  • No technician is needed to watch him during sleep.
  • Complete privacy for the patient.
  • Patient can move freely inside the house and heads towards sleep whenever he

Testing at home provides sleep data that takes into account everything from pillows, blankets, and bedding to light, noise, and temperature variation, these factors  can and do impact sleep quality, and an assessment while in the natural environment of a patient can be very helpful to give us the most accurate data.