Why choose us

Why Choose Us?

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Intelligent Working

We always maintain the highest academic and scientific standards, as exemplified by our Chairman, a leading figure in cardiothoracic and transplant surgery in the UK and beyond. We don’t believe in being ‘middle men’ focused entirely on sales figures, we are industry professionals and you can rely on us to handle your products with the utmost scientific respect.


At MIAT we work to tight budgets to ensure our clients are receiving the finest service at the fairest price. We help do this by reducing the travel, flight and accommodation costs and bonuses of sales agents.

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A strong ethical code

We understand the privileged position we are in working in such an inspiring and pioneering field. That’s why we work with a moral responsibility to bring the best therapy to all institutions in the region. We pay special attention to underprivileged institutions and countries to ensure reasonable access for all.

We help bridge the gap between manufacturers and partnership distributors. Find out how we can help you.