Our Mission

Our Mission

We cater to all medical device companies, from fully-established corporations to start-ups, helping our clients expand into the Middle East and offering coverage to achieve commercial success across the Levant and Gulf regions.



Our 15 years of experience within the Gulf and Levant regions allows us to provide full assistance to any medical device company looking for a foothold in the Middle East, working towards the full commercialisation of your product portfolio.

Customised service

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, ensuring a smooth and orderly transition to have you commercially up and running with the most appropriate partners in place for your business needs. Our consultants also provide professional guidance and assistance for existing commercial set-ups that may already be in place but are struggling to meet company corporate objectives for the Middle East region.

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Market Assessment and Commercial Strategy

We are the leading partners for organisations looking to expand into the emerging Middle Eastern markets for medical devices. Our local industry expertise ensures we can advise you on the risks and challenges involved in the market and offer full support as you grow your business. At MIAT, we understand the frustrations involved in commercial expansions within different emerging market segments, especially when this entails a different cultural business etiquette. We will help you negotiate those important next steps that lead to a successful commercial launch operation.

Frequent Questions

Each medical devices manufacturer is different, but we often find similar questions can emerge when moving into the Middle Eastern markets. We are frequently asked to help provide insights to the following queries:


What is the process of getting to the Middle Eastern Med Devices market?

Market Knowledge

How can we gain real market knowledge and assessment of our products in the Middle East?


Who are the real, reliable, and go to partnership distributors for our products?


What are the regulatory requirements and associated timeframes for local registration?

Legal Implications

What are the legal implications and how can we obtain guidance going forward?

Commercial Strategy

What would be our commercial strategy?

Data Statistics

Can we obtain real data statistics on procedures, growth, and projections?

Marketing Information

Getting the correct marketing information relative to local congresses, conferences and regional meetings?

You can rest assured we are experts in the field and can provide in-depth insights into each of these areas. We offer a comprehensive tailored consultancy package to you with a dedicated business proposal for your project. With our professional consultancy and step-by-step guidance you will be successful in achieving your growth objectives and commercial expansion.